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Atelier Sunderlassmann is a young architecture office based in Berlin and Kappeln, influenced by the nordic background of its founder Malte Sunder-Plassmann.

After graduating with a Master of Arts at UdK in Berlin, Malte Sunder-Plassmann gained his first working experiences by working at Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo, Studio Barozzi Veiga in Barcelona, Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos in Berlin and by collaborating with the architect Alfred Sunder-Plassmann.

The journey of Atelier Sunder-Plassmann started in 2022 when the first project, the holiday house Hof Ahmen, was completed. This tiny house addressing the boundary between nature and architecture was nominated for the DAM Preis 2023 and the Dezeen Awards 2022 for architecture and best young office. The project was published on AD, AW, Baunetz and Detail among others and is featured in the books “Design Refugien”, “Tiny Living Spaces” and “Urlaubsarchitektur Houses” 2022.

The second project of Atelier Sunder-Plassmann was also completed in 2022: the aichermagazin, a temporary exhibition pavilion in Isny im Allgäu showcasing the work „the city in black and white“ by Otle Aicher. The aichermagazin was nominated for the German Design Award 2022 . Starting with these two projects Atelier Sunder-Plassmann expanded the scale of its projects and is currently working various projects in germany.

Herby a focus point of the work remained on housing with several projects currently in design development or under construction. In addition to that, hotel and cultural projects became a center of attention.

Furthermore Atelier Sunder-Plassmann participated on several competitions, such as the awarded Schleidörferzentrum Boren and the Arolsen Archive.